Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Card

Here is my first Christmas card I have made for 2008. This was with a SU set I just got called Home for Christmas and Cute and Curly. It just spoke to me for whatever reason. I am new to distressing, but I really liked it once I finished.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Halloween versus card swap

These are some pictures of the Halloween bags I sent to my son-in-law on his deployment for his crew. I was seeing these lil pumpkins in my sleep by the time I was done.

I have also included a picture of the recipe card I made for a recipe swap. I will post the card I made for the swap next.

It is early and my brain does not seem to be working this morning! I have stalls to clean and a dentist appointment, so perhaps it is better I am not fully awake for all that excitement! lol

Monday, September 29, 2008

The house card is the card I took to the swap at the PTI picnic. The dragonfly card is one I made for a friend's birthday. If you get out your magnifying glass you might see I put curtains in each window, with the first floor having tassels and a quilt on the rail of the porch. Up top is a Pennsylvania dutch ...what are they called...ok brain cramp, but it is on the peak of the house. Enjoy.

PTI picnic in Maine

Here is one of the pics I took at the PTI picnic that was held in Maine where I met my friend Chris. This is a picture of my mom, Helen, with Nichole Heady and Chris with Nichole Heady. You are now famous mom, lol. Chris....exactly what was in that green bag she never put down?? lol

Artists unite lol

This is a card I did for a friend. This was done without a stamp, because the dog belongs to this friend of mine and I was trying to sketch it out for her. I ended up, just for fun, putting him in a judge's robe. The dog looked very regal to me, what can I say. lol


Hi there, Here is a card I did using a Sandra Kuck stamp. I have a thing for the coast, perhaps because I live in Maine? Who knows...Okay, now to find the rest of my pictures. lol

Oh my goodness, it is October already, fall is in the air, and they already have holiday stuff out for December! How does that work?? Okay, it works, because I am already feeling "behind"!

I have been busy with work per usual, but also with a card/recipe swap with my friend Chris. I have everything all cut out and hopefully will get to putting it all together this week. I am looking forward to seeing all the cards everyone is making, I just love getting mail anyways, so it works out great!

I have the hay in for the horses and the firewood in for the people, all is good. Bring on Winter...okay...slowly bring on Winter...thats good enough.

I will try to post some pictures here with some of my cards and crafty stuff I have made over the last few weeks. I will undoubtedly need my friend's help in figuring out how to post them, but I have a goal folks!

I am excited about getting my new order from SU I just ordered today. Moving things over on my work table, because I got the Big Shot. Now, I really will have to set aside a day just to "create"!

We have been promised that our carpenters will be here in October to finish the deck and put in the new door. Not holding my breath, but really hoping this is true, lol. I have waited a long while to finish it off, and once it is done, well the "money pit" will be ready for that farmer's porch off the back! Never done, I tell ya.....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Meet Dylan

This is Dylan, my 3-year-old grandson. He is full of mischief and very very busy! He is constant motion, but what a charmer!

Meet Austin

Pictures of my 10-year-old grandson, Austin. This is my gaming guy lol. He is absolutely amazing with video games! He is also quite an accomplished artist already!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Boo Bear

This is a picture of my three-year-old male Newfoundland, Boreus Boo Bear, with my friend Pam. He absolutely loves the attention!

Happy Birthday John!

Just a quick note to say Happy Birthday for my lil boy, John, who would be 28 this year! I miss you and love you forever and ever! Mom

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mid August already??

Well, that was a round about way to get here. It has actually been so long since I last posted I forgot how to get here, lol.

Well the summer is just rolling along much too fast as usual. My husband is working very hard on the entry room to our house. The entire floor had to be taken up and new rafters put in! It is very work intensive poor guy, but he is really making fast progress. We hope to get the new floor in and the wood stove hooked up by the end of September, so stay tuned. Gotta have a plan B with those oil prices!

On another note my daughter and grandsons have returned home to Virginia. I wish they lived closer! Soon my son-in-law will retire after this last trip to Iraq and I hope they buy a home here in Maine. Although I know they are glad to be back among all their stuff I sure do miss them and my house is much too quiet now! Hopefully they will come back up for a week during Thanksgiving. :)

I suppose I should have started this blog out with a little introduction to me and my family. Well, better late than household includes myself, my husband Deane, and my mother, Helen. I have two daughters, Nicole, who is 30 and Brandy, who is 21. I love them both dearly and only wish I had continued to have more! I had a little boy who was the apple of my eye, but he drowned at age 6 back in 1987 just hours before Brandy was born. I miss him each and every day. The pain never goes away totally, but you realize you have to continue living and my girls have helped me do just that. I now have two grandsons, Austin age 10 and Dylan age 3. They keep you laughing with all their antics! Austin is artistic and very smart for his age. Dylan we suspect will be more sports oriented for he is very very busy at 3 with an amazing imagination! We have two cats, Emmy and Gemini. I have a male newfoundland dog named Boo, who goes close to 200 pounds and my hubbie has a female newfoundland/st. bernard dog named Dazey. I also have a quarter horse named Dusty who is the grandpa of the barn at age 35 and a new addition of a Hackney pony named Peppermint, who is just a teen at 17 years old.
My animals should all be named therapy, because that is what they bring to me. I always can find peace and quiet with my animals. Besides, they really do not care whether you get out of your jammies or even if ya got hay in your hair, lol. Gotta love' em!

I am excited about Fall in the air. Yes, I know it is still August, but here in Maine lately you can just feel Fall in the air! I love all the colors, I always have more energy once the humidity is gone, and who does not like the look of a pumpkin on the doorstep?? Yep, I have already picked up my first mum plant. :)

Well, I hope to make a habit out of blogging, if not on a daily basis, I will try to do it on a weekly basis. Stay tuned for the next update in Karen's life. :) You never know what that next day might bring.....

Monday, June 30, 2008

What brought me to begin blogging.


Well, here I am, one more person who at one point stated she did not have time for blogging! Ah well sometimes I think we need to eat our words in order to become humbled.

I am starting this blog specifically to keep in touch with my friends through my past-time of stamping, which my daughter, Nicole, got me started in. I recently attended a picnic with PTI co-0wner, Nichole Heady, and met so many great ladies that had their own blog page, I just had to climb on board to keep in touch!

That's it for now. I will try to meander around and figure out how to post pics and stuff at a later date.

Thanks for stopping by.