Monday, September 29, 2008


Hi there, Here is a card I did using a Sandra Kuck stamp. I have a thing for the coast, perhaps because I live in Maine? Who knows...Okay, now to find the rest of my pictures. lol

Oh my goodness, it is October already, fall is in the air, and they already have holiday stuff out for December! How does that work?? Okay, it works, because I am already feeling "behind"!

I have been busy with work per usual, but also with a card/recipe swap with my friend Chris. I have everything all cut out and hopefully will get to putting it all together this week. I am looking forward to seeing all the cards everyone is making, I just love getting mail anyways, so it works out great!

I have the hay in for the horses and the firewood in for the people, all is good. Bring on Winter...okay...slowly bring on Winter...thats good enough.

I will try to post some pictures here with some of my cards and crafty stuff I have made over the last few weeks. I will undoubtedly need my friend's help in figuring out how to post them, but I have a goal folks!

I am excited about getting my new order from SU I just ordered today. Moving things over on my work table, because I got the Big Shot. Now, I really will have to set aside a day just to "create"!

We have been promised that our carpenters will be here in October to finish the deck and put in the new door. Not holding my breath, but really hoping this is true, lol. I have waited a long while to finish it off, and once it is done, well the "money pit" will be ready for that farmer's porch off the back! Never done, I tell ya.....

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